Here at Genesis Hopeful Haven we offer programs that Foster New Beginnings.



Genesis Hopeful Haven provides housing to male 18+ year-old high school students as they age out of the foster care system. Our independent living program provides support and encouragement to help them achieve the skills they need to be self-sufficient.  


Marco - peer mentor for Genesis Redlands

Home Services
  • Housing

  • Meals

  • Tutoring

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Ongoing mental health therapy

  • Field trips

  • Life skills training workshops

  • Transportation 

Home Services
  • On-site case management

  • Financial literacy courses

  • Employment readiness workshops

  • On-site tutoring

  • On-site mental health therapy

  • Weekly life skills training workshops

  • A host of Wellness classes


During their stay in the home, the young men receive weekly Life Skills training workshops, tutoring, and monthly meetings with a social worker to set their goals. All of these programs will help them be on their way to a successful future. 

Elijah - peer mentor for Genesis Homestead


Despite being in different locations, all of our homes follow the same guidelines and criteria. There is a Peer Mentor for each home.  Having someone near to their own age, and who has had the same experiences is very helpful.  Our Mentors help with keeping our youth on the right road to graduating from high school, getting a driver’s license, and enrolling in internship programs.  We take pride in ensuring that regardless of the location, our youth get the best possible experience and knowledge that we can provide.

  Alex - Peer Mentor for Genesis Cutler Bay

GHH-Cutler Bay Home Pic (1).jpg
Home Services
  • Housing

  • Meals

  • Tutoring

  • Extra-curricular activities

  • Ongoing mental health therapy

  • Field trips

  • Life skills training workshops

  • Transportation 

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LIFE SKIlLS Training

We provide a Life Skill Training Program for foster and homeless youth.  There are currently two programs:

After-school and an 8 week summer program.

Our Workshop Topics Include :
  • Housing

  • Financial Literacy

  • Employment Readiness

  • Education

  • Culinary

  • Health and Wellness

  • Healthy Relationships

  • Community and Environment


By teaching vital life skills, we foster new beginnings and support the future success of the youth within our reach.

Our Activities Include :
  • Therapeutic Art

  • Creating Vision Boards

  • Building Bird Houses

  • Creating Self-Portraits

  • Yoga / Inner Peace Lessons

  • Muay Thai / Anger Management

  • Field Trips

  • Beach Days

  • Feeding The Homeless

  • Essential Etiquette Training

  • House Hunting (Envisioning)

planting seeds

Genesis Hopeful Haven believes that kids benefit from gardening in a myriad of ways. Nurturing plants from seed to harvest can lead to increased feelings of confidence, self-esteem and pride.

Our Activities Include :
  • Cooperation Training

  • Problem Solving

  • Hands-On Learning Approach

  • Math,Reading and Writing Mastery

Gardening promotes physical health and is a valuable vehicle for teaching lessons about food and nutrition. An entrepreneurial spirit is engendered in kids who participate in market gardening programs in which they have the opportunity to sell what they grow.

enrichment program

Our enrichment program allows us to expose the children to new beginnings and opportunities. We offer activities that improve the lives of children who live in our homes.

Our Activities Include :
  • STEM workshops

  • Photography 

  • Therapeutic Art Classes

  • Web Development Classes

  • Coding Classes

  • Piano or Guitar Lessons

  • Dance

Our Trips Include :
  • Fishing Classes

  • Paddle Boarding

  • Sailing

  • Surfing

  • Horseback riding

  • Skating

  • Flying outside of the state of Florida

According to studies by the American Youth Policy Forum these opportunities provide therapeutic healing and hope of a better life.

the internship project

The boys in transitional housing are often in their senior year of high school.

The pressure of choosing a career path and having a steady income weighs heavily on their minds.

While staying at GHH, it is our goal to link our youth with a mentor to various professions firsthand.

Our Training Includes :
  • Resume building

  • Interviewing skills 

  • Work etiquette 

  • Job search & placement 

  • Career planning

explorer program

Created for foster children to gain new experiences
through travel, forge new friendships, and grow their
confidence by exploring this big, beautiful world.

One aspect of the program will be to participate in a
travel workshop course. Topics include:

  • Learning about different climate and cultures

  • How to properly pack a suitcase

  • Applying for a passport

  • Navigating through airports & airplane safety

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