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Success Stories

Our main goal isn't only to foster youth, but to give them love and the necessities of life. We also strive to put them on the path to success. Our hearts get filled with joy when we achieve that. We believe all youth can embrace who they are, define their future and change the world.

Our Story

"My internship at Key Biscayne Police Department made me realize how much I would love to become an officer. I'm thankful to my mentor, a board member, and Jamie, a Friend of Genesis, who wrote amazing references to help me get into the police academy. I graduate in 6 months. It’s been hard but I’m dedicated to the work and I want to make my GHH family proud." 

—  Alex, Internship Project

Friends of Genesis 

All of our donors, volunteers, board members and staff are truly committed.

Our Annual Report

GHH 2020-2021 Annual Impact Report (1)-page-001.jpg
GHH 2020-2021 Annual Impact Report (1)-page-002.jpg

Monthly Engagement

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What People Are Saying

Tim, President

At GHH, 100% of our youth enroll in college and 100% maintain housing. We have youth who moved in at 18 and are now about to turn 22. We also have zero arrests. Our goal is to provide healing, hope and a successful future.

–Tim, President

Ms. Harvey, foster Parent 

Being a foster parent isn’t easy. There is no other program like Genesis Hopeful Haven. Whatever the need may be, they got you. I finally have the help I need to parent my children. 

Ms. Claudia , Volunteer 

Volunteering at GHH Life Skills Camp has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. These children have changed my life. It’s the only place where I’m 100% present. I see the impact and I’m moved and inspired. 

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