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Pack your Bags!- Give Miami Day

Give Miami Day is only 3 days away. You have the chance to be part of the most exciting annual giving event in South Florida! Last year, more than 17,000 donors raised a record $7.1 million for more than 600 local nonprofit organizations. We would love for you to join us in this incredible movement!

Genesis Hopeful Haven would also like to ask if we could use this time to partner with you in building awareness for child abuse and neglect. On your social media pages, we ask that you post a picture of the top 3 items you’d pack if you were only given a few minutes before vacating your home. Use the hashtags #trashtotreasures, #GHH and #givemiamiday and we will repost your photos throughout the day on November 17th.

It’s so important for youth to experience life outside of their normal environment in order to learn more about the world and all of the opportunities it holds. Our goal is that, while children stay at Genesis Hopeful Haven, they will be exposed to new ways of living and better opportunities – that they’ll learn new skills and see the possibility of a brighter future. Support us in funding these vital experiences, such as music class, ballet, gymnastics, karate, boxing and therapeutic gardening. Donations will also help us take our kids out on weekly field trips that are educational and fun, as well as help us build a great outdoor space for them to play on our half acre land.

Our passion is to give youth a new beginning – to help them grow to be happy, healthy and successful individuals that are a positive force in the next generation, despite their troubled childhoods. Your support will also be integral in helping our high school boys to have housing and be able to finish their high school degree. Remember being 18 and still needing your parents help? Well, without parents to help them, our boys who age out of the foster system are left feeling alone with little to no support. All of our aged-out youth are still in high school when they are no longer given support from foster care and are left to fend for themselves. We feel that it’s our job to provide for them financially and as a family-like support system. With your help, we can better help these foster youth finish high school, get their driver’s license, apply for internships and plan their future based on their own dreams and goals. Help us give them a chance to dream of a brighter future!

We need your support on Give Miami day! Your donation of $25 or more can help a foster child start their new beginning.

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