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  • Fritzie Saintoiry

Finishing The Race

Everyone has goals, whether it’s getting an A on an exam, getting down to that dream weight, or finishing a race. Regardless of our specific goal, we are all on the road to finish a race – the race known as life. We all know that in order to successfully complete that race we must warm up and practice before we’re ready for the grand finale. It may be difficult, but the practice makes us stronger and gives us the energy to carry on. For many it is difficult and there are those of us who find they have to practice more than others. One way or another, we will all reach the finish line and complete the race. Whether you will look back and see that you had a successful run is entirely up to you.

Watching others overcome their struggles during their own race is one of the most inspiring and rewarding experiences of all. It renews our weary spirits and gives us the hope and the courage to keep going.

Recently, our children at GHH were able to witness this for themselves as they cheered our supporter and friend, Sally Ashby, who participates in triathlons and has raised $3,128 for our garden program. Mrs. Ashby has become a voice for the foster care system by advocating on behalf of foster kids, raising awareness and creating a therapeutic garden for the children at the GHH home. While we prepare for our own triathlons, there are struggles that we must face because they are what molds us into the people we were meant to be. Without these struggles, many of us could not gain the strength to reach our goals in life.

This month, our boys made vision boards showing how they will overcome some of their struggles by creating an action plan to become better and conquer what they want to achieve in life. Every day there are foster children who embark on a race more difficult than any of us could ever imagine. They did not chose to be brought up in their circumstances, yet their struggles can be transformed into a basis for empowerment. With the help that they receive at GHH, these children can overcome their troubled pasts and learn from them. Without the support they need, the sad truth is that many foster kids are left to their own devices, bottling up their anger and fueling another rotation in the vicious cycle of abuse, neglect and dis-appreciation.

GHH does everything possible to help these children not only to overcome their struggles, but to use them as a source of strength so they can move forward in life and become better people – even people who are able to help others and improve our society. As humans, I believe it is important for us to aid our fellow human. In doing so, anyone can help foster children finish their race well. Because of the trials they’ve been through, these children could even help you understand the struggles you’re going through and give you a different perspective. Today I challenge you to think about how you could aid these children, how you could make the difference between their despair in the foster care cycle and their success in pressing forward. Stay tuned to see how we can continue to build Genesis Hopeful Haven and help our community grow along the way.

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