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  • Fritzie Saintoiry

Difference Maker: Foster Care Awareness Month

You were born with the ability to change someone’s life.

May is foster care awareness month. In Florida, there is a HUGE need for more loving foster homes. Sadly, as a result of the facts may be a big contributor to the lack of good homes. Let’s take a look at some common myths about foster children:

1. Kids in foster care are bad and did something that resulted in their placement in the foster system.

In reality, kids in foster care are there by no fault of their own. Every 10 seconds, a child abuse report is placed in the United States. 415,129 children are living in foster care systems a result of these reports.

2. You must be a foster parent to help kids in foster care.

There are volunteer programs that service foster children (like ours, Friends of Genesis). You can also mentor, be a court advocator, donate, provide a respite home – there are so many opportunities to help out even if you aren’t able to foster a child. Think of it this way – If you can help a child today, you don’t have to spend years repairing an adult. The simple act of caring is heroic. Right now, you have the power to say, “I will not let their story end like this.”

3. It’s not possible to foster if you’re single, if you work, if you rent your home, or if you’re not in a specific age range.

Contact OurKids of Miami Dade to start training if you are interested in opening your home to a child. The biggest gift you could give a child is a wonderful home. Many people are under the false impression that a lot of people foster, so their home is not needed. A majority of siblings enter the foster care system only to be separated from their brothers and sisters because not enough homes are big enough to keep them together. Could you imagine not knowing if you’ll ever be able to see your siblings again after already experiencing abuse from the people who are supposed to love you the most?

4. I can’t foster because I would love them too much.

The reality is these kids deserve to be loved – even if they spend only a few weeks or months in your home. You have the opportunity to plant the seed of love in their hearts. That’s life-changing! And it’s something that they may never experience if no one steps up to the plate.

Every day, as we go about our lives, we must embrace every moment we have and look for ways to give to others. No encounter with others is an accident. Everything and everyone is significant. I encourage you to be intentional with every moment and every person that crosses your path.

Mother’s Day is coming up this month as well. To foster children, it’s a reminder of not feeling loved by the person whose love they crave the most – or it’s a sad reminder of the loss they’ve experienced.

Consider what you can do to show love to a foster child, especially during the month of May.

You matter and you can make a difference.

How will you be a part of building Genesis?

Sincerely: Peaceful Ruler

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