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  • Fritzie Saintoiry


Valentine’s Day is only a few short days away, and there is excitement in the air! This is a special time for sweethearts, both fresh and seasoned, to show each other how they feel. Extravagant plans will be made. Priceless gifts will be purchased. Husbands and wives will exchange tokens of affection with each other. Students will bring in presents for their teachers. Even coworkers and “just” friends will share in the festivities. Many weddings and anniversaries are celebrated, as Valentine’s Day is precious to so many. It is a perfect occasion to let those closest to us know how much they are truly loved. Even with so much love in the air, there are those who still won’t get to feel the breeze.

Love is a gift that can be shared not only with family and friends – there are others who can benefit from our love as well! At Genesis Hopeful Haven, we give that gift on a daily basis through our Foster Care Program. The children in our care come from some of the most unimaginable circumstances. Nearly all who have come did not know love and compassion as they should. At GHH, our mission is to help grow and develop all of those in our charge. Our goal this year is to add more children into the fold as the need is so great.  A growing concern is for foster youth nearing the age of 18 who will soon become adults and age out of the foster care system. Our life skills training programs are equipping them with tools to help survive out in the real world. But there are so many who still need to be in home care.

In our January blog, we presented the idea that “the pain you’ve suffered in life can either be your prison or your platform”. We firmly stand by and support the fact that children of all ages deserve the opportunity to have a loving home environment. GHH is working hard to make sure they have a platform to stand on, and we are striving to do that one child at a time.

This Valentine’s day, when love is in the air, keep in mind the children who could use a little bit of love as well. Sure, pretty flowers, gift baskets and chocolate hearts are fun!  A gift from your heart to a child is priceless.

This month’s blog contribution was written by:  Beverly K. Blue

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